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New Years Party 2009.
Friendly game of Poker at New Years Party.
Watching "the ball drop" in Time Square and welcoming in 2009.
Snow People that helped with January's Pancake Breakfast.
A fun game of Hearts.
Shotgun Bingo Winner.  She got Bingo in 6 numbers.
Picking "lucky cards" for Bingo.
Husband and Wife split the Bingo Blackout Prize.
A big selection of delicious food at Potluck Bingo.
President's Day Pancake Breakfast Helpers.
A group enjoying Pancake Breakfast.
A lot of laughs at our President's Day Dinner.
Winner of the President Trivia game.
Introducing our resident "Presidents."
Lucky Early-Bird Bingo Winners.
Celebrating March Birthdays with yummy cake at Bingo.
A "Big Appetite".
A busy kitchen at Pancake Breakfast.
March's Pancake Breakfast Staff.
Very happy "Early Bird Bingo" Winner!
Pinochle winners claiming their prize money.
A sampling of Easter Bonnets at Pancake Breakfast.
Easter Pancake Breakfast Worker Bunnies.
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