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Back To School Pancake Breakfast Helpers.
Caught "huggin'" at Back To School Pancake Breakfast.
Back To School Pancake Breakfast "Self Portraits" drawn on the tables with crayons.
Yummy treats during the break at Bingo.
A little visitor at Bingo.
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Must have been funny, at Mexican Train.
Pinochle Winners collecting their prizes.
Sampling the snacks at Pinochle.
Potluck Bingo.  YUMMY!
Pinochle Walking Taco Party.
A little cheerleader at Football Pancake Breakfast.
This "Corona's" for you.
Out for a walk...
Early Bird Bingo Winners!
A big selection at Potluck Bingo.
Halloween Pancake Breakfast.
"The End" of this Pancake Breakfast.
October Pancake Breakfast helpers.
A "Treat" of a 1000 Aces for the "Treat Lady"
A game of Mexican Train after a party and dinner at The Olive Garden.
Picking winning cards for Bingo!