Land Lease Information
  •        You don't need to buy a city lot!  When you do this, you typically pay for city hookup to water, sewer and installing sidewalks.  All
    this can easily add up between $100,000 to $200,000+ in your homes purchase cost.  You are not investing in a long term land
    purchase.  This will help reduce your monthly mortgage payment.

  •        You're not taxed on the land since you don't purchase it, but you still qualify for Idaho's $92,010 (2011) Home Owners Property        
    Tax Exemption.

  •        Maintenance of gates, private streets, common area landscaping and lighting, social membership to clubhouse when open, city
    sewer, and street snow removal are all included.

  •        No homeowners association dues or hidden fees.

  •        RV and Boat storage available to residents for an additional fee.

  •        A very fair and respectful set of community covenants are designed to protect you, your family, your home and to help ensure a
    high quality of life.

  •        A clean well cared for and pride of ownership atmosphere is clearly present.  This ensures higher resale value and provides
    consistent curb appeal.

  •        Covenants restrict rentals.  All homes are 100% owner occupied.

  •        Maintain the infrastructure such as streets, utility systems, entryways, gate and common areas.

  •        Allows you to travel without worry, knowing that your home is safe and secure while you're away.

  •        Perform resident screening.  In a land-lease community, we all know there is a resident screening process.  Private property
    requires only that the applicant qualify for a bank loan, or pay cash.  As the owner of private property, you never know who might move
    in beside you next.  In a land-lease community, you can rest assured that your neighbors had to meet the same financial and other
    criteria that you did.  
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