Frequently Asked Questions
Q.        What exactly am I getting for my monthly lease fee?
A.        The reasonable monthly lease fee includes:  use of your homesite; real estate property taxes; Clubhouse items including social
membership to attend planned activities, maintenance of building inside and out, and use of exercise room and library when open (10am-5pm
daily weather permitting); on site professional management; enforcement of rules and regulations; on site new home sales; private street snow
removal when necessary; maintenance and upkeep of private streets and signage; maintenance of all common area landscaping including
watering, trimming, pest control, and fertilization of trees, flowers, grass and shrubs; gated entry with available remote controls, private codes
and call box access; upkeep of community infrastructure (underground utilities that may be owned by Brooke View such as sewer, electric,
water), liability insurance, improvement projects (capital expenditures) and a private company with a caring attitude.

Q.       Why wouldn't I just purchase my own land?
A.        When you do this, you typically pay for city hookup to water or you may have to drill a well, sewer or septic service, installing sidewalks
and driveways, impact fees, permit fees, etc.  All this can easily add up between $100,000 to $200,000+ in your homes purchase cost.  If you
lease your land you are not investing in a long term land purchase.  This will help reduce your monthly mortgage payment, possibly by
thousands of dollars.

Q.        Since I don't own the land, who pays the real estate taxes?
A.        Your portion of real estate taxes (for the land) is included in your monthly lease fee.  If this is your primary residence you still qualify for
Idaho's Home Owners (for your home) Property tax exemption ($100,000 or 50% of your homes value, whichever is less).

Q.        I have a large RV or Boat, do you have on site storage?
A.        Currently yes.  We do have RV and Boat storage available to residents for an additional fee.  This will be available until we reach this
area to build new homes on.  After that, the RV and Boat storage area will no longer be available.  Some homes have garages that can
accommodate such items.

Q.        Why do I have to sign Rules and Regulations?
A.        Brooke View has a very fair and respectful set of community covenants that are designed to protect you, your family, your home and to
help ensure a high quality of life.  All of our residents are treated equally.

Q.        What benefit is having on site management?
A.        Professional on-site management is there to enforce the rules, and to minimize differences or misunderstandings between residents.  It
also allows you to travel without worry, knowing that your home is safe and secure while you're away.

Q.        Will my neighbor be able to rent their home?
A.        Not to worry, our Rules restrict rentals.  All homes are 100% owner occupied.  A clean well cared for and pride of ownership atmosphere
is clearly present.  This ensures higher resale value and provides consistent curb appeal.

Q.        Do all new residents have to be screened?
A.        All residents must have a 700 or better credit score.  We also perform a background check to insure all residents are safe.  If you
bought private property, you never know who might move in beside you next.  In a land-lease community, you can rest assured that your
neighbors had to meet the same financial and other criteria that you did.  

Q.        Are homes in leased land communities a good investment?
A.        Yes.  Because the initial expense of purchasing and developing land is not there, the selling price of your home will be less than those
on private property increasing the number of prospective purchasers.  

Q.        How much does the lease fee change each year?
A.        It really depends on business expenses for the year.  We also evaluate local and national economics before taking an increase.  There
have been several years that an increase was not taken.  Generally, if an increase is enacted, it is no more than 5%.  We care about our
residents, and each person's situations, and because of that we are currently below market value (as of 2019).  But just like any other
business, if expenses increase, we must pass it through to keep our business going.

Q.        I've always been told that owning my land is the thing to do.  Why should I change my mind now?
A.        We have had many residents go from owning their land to leasing at Brooke View, so we asked them what benefits they were
 "There is a sense of security knowing we can get to our cash more readily, versus having it stuck in a land investment."
            "We feel better knowing our cash is more available for emergencies."
            "Owning the land offers no financial security unless we sell it or borrow against it."
            "You can use the cash saved by not buying the land, or use the extra borrowing capabilities to purchase furniture, a boat,
             travel, or fulfill any desire you have."
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5 New Floor plans from which to choose.
With homes ranging in size from 1400 square feet to almost 1800 square feet, we have a home that fits your every need.

Living all on one level.
A no step environment allows for years of unassisted living.

Appliances, Lighting & Landscaping.
Appliances including dishwasher, stove, oven, microwave, and disposal are included in all new homes.  All new homes have generous
lighting packages.  Custom landscaping with automatic sprinklers are installed.

Mail slots at your home.
Mail is delivered directly to your home rather than clustered mailboxes.

Automatic Garage Door & Opener.
No need to get out of your car to open your garage door.  For your convenience all new homes include an automatic garage door opener.
Other Benefits of Living at Brooke View