Brooke View Seasons
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Baby birds in nest just outside our office.
Brooke View Entrance.
Entrance to Brooke View.
Gorgeous hanging baskets and flowers planted at the entrance boulevard.
A snowy day at Brooke View.
Spring will soon be here.
Lots of snow on this January morning.
Glittering Snowflakes light up our Entrance.
A sunny spring day at Brooke View.
A huge flock of migrating birds stopped by one afternoon.
Some visiting Canadian Geese decided to stay and raise a family.
Huge hail in March outside the Information Center.
Brooke View Entry just before dusk.
Brooke View Entry Flowers 2008
Fall Fun!
A new bud on the rose tree outside
our office.  
November 24, 2008.
Brooke View Entry after snow storm.
Winter Brooke View.
4 new inches of snow for the snow plows.
Christmas Eve 2008 at Brooke View.
Beautiful December Sunset Over Brooke View.
Brooke View Boulevard.
Brooke View Christmas Entrance.
Another 6+ inches of snow being plowed.
Photo of one of our resident foxes taken by Mary Mitchell.
"Spring Showers?"  The ducks brave the June downpour.
Beautiful summer flowers at our entry.
Rainbow over Brooke View.
Fountain area around Brooke View's Office.
A little hard to see, but a beautiful double rainbow over our office.
A big storm hit December 1st.  Here is a blade clearing our streets.
Time to go home.
Our hanging baskets are beautiful this year.
A new generation of baby quail born at Brooke View.
December Sunset over Brooke View.
This bird must have been just passing though.  
He's a stranger in our area.
Our resident wild bunny.  Don't worry, there's only one.
This couple returns every spring to have their babies near the
fountain outside the office.
Our beautiful hanging baskets have arrived.
Beautiful fall view of the water-way that runs through Brooke View.
Tis the Season.
First skiff of snow for the year.
Out for a walk with his dogs.
Full moon still bright and visible in the morning.
They're finally here!!
Monarch Butterfly visiting.
Our resident froggy.
Taking down our hanging baskets for the season.
Taking down our hanging baskets for the season.
Hummingbirds visiting our flowers.
Hummingbirds visiting our flowers.
A beautiful yellow bird came by today
A beautiful yellow bird came by today.
Two of our neighbors enjoying dinner on their patio.
Two of our neighbors enjoying the beautiful weather and dinner on their patio.